The Opotsnee Consolodation

Pyramid Day II

We awoke the next day well rested and ready to go. We traveled north-east and down a flight of stairs to find a flooded room with a tunneled system of underwater currents. Here we encountered some mildly difficult enemies but overcame them very easily without expending much energy. The head then began to mumble and told us to take a gem from a statue in the area. Unable to Thieve it out, we had Colossus break the whole head off, and stored it in our bag of holding. We then continued north and came across a locked door.

Colossus broke open the lock with ease and inside we encountered a group of bandits. Quick to avoid conflict Mikal took the floor. We convinced their leader, Vren, to join up with us in order to escape the pyramid. He also agreed to let us use his encampment as a base of operations, knowing he could use our help defending it if need be.

Soon after we where asking about the layout of the area and decided to raid the library. We came across some quite difficult enemies here but with Vren and his archer at our side we prevailed once again. We searched the Library to find another statue but this time without a gem. This caused our head to become quite unhappy. We then decided to take the books from the shelves hoping to sell them later when we get back home. We took a quick rest and journeyed back to the encampment to take our rest for the new day.



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