The Opotsnee Consolodation

Pyramid Day III

As we continued our exploration of the pyramid our new Friend Vren pointed us in the direction in the labyrinths of the tree people. Unlike our previous quest however our new friends decided not to come with us and Grimstayed behind in an act to learn our new raise the dead ritual, we hopefully will never have to use. Shortly after entering the labyrinth we were jumped upon, lucky for us our Warforged’s Axe proved invaluable as it is bathed in flame, and took advantage of the vulnerability to fire. We made short work of them however and after a quick break we where off heading south where we encountered a dig site.

With just Three adventurers this encounter look some effort to survive but, at last we prevailed. In an effort for our Goliath friend to finish his kill upon his fleeing enemy he alerted the area to our presence. Now out of powers and our last reserves we await to see what else the pyramid as in store.



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