The Opotsnee Consolodation

Pyramid Day IV

In order to avoid pursuit Colossus we retreated back to the encampment. The night went well however and we were able to rest peacefully.

The next day we ventured back to the pit and continued east, deeper into the tree peoples lair. We entered an clearing where a humanoid was deep in prayer at his alter. Along side him there was a medium sized bear and large plant like beast. In the center of the room stood four tall pillars about 5 feet in diameter. Mark was first out and charged straight into the room to the giant beast. He struck hard with his axe of flame and pinned him against the altar. The rest of the party now with a clear path began to move up and take the field.

What seemed like a short easy encounter was quickly over turned however. All of a sudden the pillars burst out in spores which enveloped us all. Catching us off guard we became dazed and injected with their lethal toxins. Shrugging off their venom we pressed on. The room ignited into flame as Grim decided to take out his wrath upon the area spearing no one his anger. Out from the cover of his bush, which was now on fire, the bear came charging after us eager as well to get revenge. Colossus and Mark focused on the plant like creature while Mikal and Vren began beating on the Bear and the Speaker, leaving Grim in the middle dealing with what he could. At last the plant shrieked in agony and wilted to the floor while their skidish allies decided it was time to go, and ran out of the room.

From behind the alter came cries from a small halfling chained up against it. Vren freed him with a swing of his sword and in return he presented us with a magic shield he stole, which just so happened to be the cause of all his grief. We decided to join sides as we all needed a new ally. We searched the room to discover a small room off to the side, where we shacked up and spent the night, hoping to survive till the next day.



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