The Opotsnee Consolodation

Pyramid Day IX

Dismal Reflections
An “L” shaped hallway lined with mirrors presented itself behind the next door of our choice. The hallway wrapped around a room with two doors that took no quarter to our approach. As we reached the bend, a fireball shot forth from one of the mirrors and was shortly followed by two *(whatever the drow minis were) who came through the door behind us and began to attack. Colossus and Mark took on the * while Grim and Fin began to break the mirrors nearby. Although the shards of these mirrors could no longer serve as magical conductors, they quickly reformed and began to heal. Once the * were finished, a group decision was made to leave the unexplored room and the magic caster within it to a later date.

An Ironic Reunion
The hallway ended in an expansive room with four large pillars of stone centered around a suspended headless corpse in the center. Blue magical energy pulsed between the pillars and centered on the motionless corpse. The head of Vyrellis asked to be brought closer in order to be reunited with the rest of her body. Sargeras obliged her request but when he came within fifteen feet of the corpse the head of Vyrellis slipped from his grasp and flew to the chest of the corpse. The now screaming head of Vyrellis then began to plead for rescue as the corpse animated, turned invisible and teleported to another part of the room. The corpse appeared for a few brief seconds to make an attack but vanished just as quickly. It continued to do this for some time but our keen eyes were able to spot it out and slowly whittle away at its health. This was done carefully, however, for upon missing an attack the damage would instead be subjected to the head who did not receive it pleasantly. After the headless menace had been defeated and the head of Vyrellis retrieved we moved to investigate a hidden door found in the corner.

Fractions of Progress
The door led to a small room with two more doors, a desk, a cabinet and a statue of an angel holding the symbol of the god Ioun. Touching the statue released an aura of harmful energy around it which then began to expand. Out of the door on the left came two thougtbows and a magic missile. The missile struck Mark with some recognizable impact as he took the thoughtbows head-on. The head of Vyrellis began to urge us forward to where the missile originated, insisting that we kill its caster. Mark, Colossus and Fin answered the call and moved up at the demise of the thoughtbows and entered the next room in search of the magician. The caster they found was a splinter of Keravokos, still fighting strong. When the splinter felt he had enough of their presence, he teleported to the next room which had a bed, another cabinet and entrances adorned with starred curtains. Mark and Colossus found that these curtains violently grabbed intruders and held them in place. After some fighting in this room the splinter retreated to the last room where Vren and and one of his archers were waiting. Again the splinter teleported away but Mark was quick to engage Vren while Colossus became entangled in another curtain while exiting the room. When the splinter appeared in the first room Grim welcomed him with a swift blast of lightning while he avoided the splinter’s counter. Meanwhile Colossus became so enraged with the curtain that he tore it from the wall and continued the fight with a new found vigor for victory and life. The splinter fell, leaving Vren and his archer to fend for themselves. Feeling that the end was near, Vren commanded his archer to finish his foes once and for all. In response the archer transformed into a werewolf and continued to fight mercilessly from his corner. Vren soon met his fate but the werewolf’s bites began to bend Colossus and Mark against their will and toward his. This pestilence did not always serve the wolf as it may have hoped and many of the infected’s blows still found their target. After a great amount of bloodshed the werewolf was silenced and Grim was able to enjoy the comfort of sleeping in a bed for the night.



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