The Opotsnee Consolodation

Pyramid Day V

Having survived the night we pressed north passed the only door which remained closed. This door led to a maze like room composed of thick vegetation with vines hanging from the ceiling. We sent Finn first to scout the area and he turned out to be a master rouge. Eager to try new things, Colossus followed his lead and began to sneak up behind a Quickling. This went well until he chose to make an attempt at silently killing his target. Upon his back swing when he was about to strike, he experienced a rather embarrassing event of flatulent nature. He tried to redeem himself before his discovery but instead tripped and dropped his axe. Determined to recover what was left of his dignity he put his hand over the Quickling’s mouth before it could sound the alarm. Observing this from a distance, Vren shit his pants and made a speedy exit out of the room and headed back to his encampment.

Colossus’ grasp didn’t last long and his prey quickly escaped and ran off into the vines. Mark went charging after it and pinned it down. With it’s luck run out Colossus and Mark made short work of the unfortunate Quickling and spread out to deal with other parts of the room.

Mikal used the head of verellis to turn invisible and teleport behind the enemy. Finn took his chance and lept out of the shadows to slay the nearest target. Grim summoned a flaming hailstorm, setting ablaze his group in the opposite corner and quickly met resistance. Mikal made use of his invisibility to heal the dwarf who had taken considerable damage. The fighters then moved in to finish off the survivors and won the day for Bad Company.



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