The Opotsnee Consolodation

Pyramid Day VI

Once again looking for danger we continued exploring the pyramid. We found ourselves in an underground clearing with a river flowing through it. Sparkling magic energy lined the walls and the room was dimly lit. All moved out with caution except Mark, who was the first to be confronted.

The House Thuranni had discovered Mikal’s true heritage and where sent to end his rise to power. Bad Company fought valiantly but after being overrun Mikal was killed and whisked off by the assassins. We tried to rescue him but before we could reach him it was to late. After finishing what was left of the Dragonborn we regrouped make sense of the situation. We later found that our opponents were a team of highly trained assassins sent out to kill Mikal to stop his rise to the thrown.

Without a leader and on our own, we were still determined to finish what we had started. Pressing onward, we came across a disposal room used to store dead bodies. After passing by an inconspicuous door it burst open and we were overrun by a swarm of rats. Mark tried desperately to kill them off, but there were too many. Eventually the rats dealt too much damage for Grim and Finn to handle so they backed up from the swarm to re-enter the fray. Once the rats were gone we began to search the room.

In the darkest corner Mark found something, or in a since someone quite peculiar. A Deva, a fallen angle, lay motionless, as if in a state of resting and then at one he awoke. The Deva came forth from the corner and greeted us, " I’m Sargeras Artificer of House Cannith, I have come to help you on your quest to rid the Nentir Vale of evil. "



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