The Opotsnee Consolodation

Pyramid Day I

We found ourselves exhauseted as we where at the bottom of a 10 foot pit. The smell of rotting flesh arround us. We looked down to find bodies of dead adventures beneath our feet, and then above us, a two headed horror affiliated on the Goliath’s head. He was the first to go. The two headed head reaver pulled him out and began carring him off to place his head upon his wall.Mark, eager to prove himself as a defender jumped out of the pit to save his new friend. After a few minutes and much blood shed, we prevailed and managed to save the Goliath.

Now that the battle was over we where able to take our rest, this time before investigating our surroundings. We found a small room off to the side with heads decorating the walls. It was here Mikal found the Head of Verellis in a small bag. The head took well to him and dicided to help us excape the pyramid.

Now completly waisted and burnt out we set up camp in the room. Our Warforged watched our backs throughout the night, thankfully encountering no foes.

First look at the Pyramid...

We began our journey through the thick jungle forests of the Nentir Vale, in search of what came to Grimerious in a vision. We where to find the place of power, where glory and riches could be obtained. As new adventures in the world looking for both of these, we went eager looking to rise to the top. We came across an ambush which we made short work of and where presented a pyramid. Nieve as we where we left to investigate it before resting and where swallowed into a shroud of darkness, unprepared and exhausted.


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