The Opotsnee Consolodation

Pyramid Day IX

Dismal Reflections
An “L” shaped hallway lined with mirrors presented itself behind the next door of our choice. The hallway wrapped around a room with two doors that took no quarter to our approach. As we reached the bend, a fireball shot forth from one of the mirrors and was shortly followed by two *(whatever the drow minis were) who came through the door behind us and began to attack. Colossus and Mark took on the * while Grim and Fin began to break the mirrors nearby. Although the shards of these mirrors could no longer serve as magical conductors, they quickly reformed and began to heal. Once the * were finished, a group decision was made to leave the unexplored room and the magic caster within it to a later date.

An Ironic Reunion
The hallway ended in an expansive room with four large pillars of stone centered around a suspended headless corpse in the center. Blue magical energy pulsed between the pillars and centered on the motionless corpse. The head of Vyrellis asked to be brought closer in order to be reunited with the rest of her body. Sargeras obliged her request but when he came within fifteen feet of the corpse the head of Vyrellis slipped from his grasp and flew to the chest of the corpse. The now screaming head of Vyrellis then began to plead for rescue as the corpse animated, turned invisible and teleported to another part of the room. The corpse appeared for a few brief seconds to make an attack but vanished just as quickly. It continued to do this for some time but our keen eyes were able to spot it out and slowly whittle away at its health. This was done carefully, however, for upon missing an attack the damage would instead be subjected to the head who did not receive it pleasantly. After the headless menace had been defeated and the head of Vyrellis retrieved we moved to investigate a hidden door found in the corner.

Fractions of Progress
The door led to a small room with two more doors, a desk, a cabinet and a statue of an angel holding the symbol of the god Ioun. Touching the statue released an aura of harmful energy around it which then began to expand. Out of the door on the left came two thougtbows and a magic missile. The missile struck Mark with some recognizable impact as he took the thoughtbows head-on. The head of Vyrellis began to urge us forward to where the missile originated, insisting that we kill its caster. Mark, Colossus and Fin answered the call and moved up at the demise of the thoughtbows and entered the next room in search of the magician. The caster they found was a splinter of Keravokos, still fighting strong. When the splinter felt he had enough of their presence, he teleported to the next room which had a bed, another cabinet and entrances adorned with starred curtains. Mark and Colossus found that these curtains violently grabbed intruders and held them in place. After some fighting in this room the splinter retreated to the last room where Vren and and one of his archers were waiting. Again the splinter teleported away but Mark was quick to engage Vren while Colossus became entangled in another curtain while exiting the room. When the splinter appeared in the first room Grim welcomed him with a swift blast of lightning while he avoided the splinter’s counter. Meanwhile Colossus became so enraged with the curtain that he tore it from the wall and continued the fight with a new found vigor for victory and life. The splinter fell, leaving Vren and his archer to fend for themselves. Feeling that the end was near, Vren commanded his archer to finish his foes once and for all. In response the archer transformed into a werewolf and continued to fight mercilessly from his corner. Vren soon met his fate but the werewolf’s bites began to bend Colossus and Mark against their will and toward his. This pestilence did not always serve the wolf as it may have hoped and many of the infected’s blows still found their target. After a great amount of bloodshed the werewolf was silenced and Grim was able to enjoy the comfort of sleeping in a bed for the night.

Pyramid Day VIII

A Refreshing Experience
With our new equipment we chose to venture down the unexplored staircase in the first room. This led to a room with a narrow rope bridge suspended between a small platform and a large platform. The large platform stood at the opposite end of the room and supported two more rope bridges which led to passages out of the room to the right and the left. These platforms towered high over dark, murky water that reflected the flickering torchlight onto the ceiling.
Mark quickly traversed the first bridge with Sargeras and Finnan not far behind. From each corner of the large platform a harpy presented itself and began to sing its alluring song of death. Meanwhile Sahuagin surfaced under Grimerious and Finn and began to jab upward at their targets with tridents. A ^ also surfaced from the water and began to attack the adventurers from long range with powerful bolts of water.
Sargeras summoned a minion to aid in the killing of a harpy while Mark went after the other. Grim and Fin backed up to the first platform only to be pulled into the water by an advancing harpy. Held to the bottom and slowly drowning, Grim teleported Fin out of his predicament only to find them both back in the same situation. The Sahuagin moved happily to attack the vulnerable Fin while Grim tried his best to hold his breath. On the other side of the room the Harpies had brought Mark and Sargeras’ minion underwater where they moved around indifferently with the advantage of being living constructs.
Grim rose to the surface and continued to attack the group of Sahuagin occupying themselves with Fin, who had begun to develop a little more than sinking feeling in his gut. Upon noticing the halfling’s sudden absence and the rapidly churning water by the platform, Sargeras moved away from his target to assist him.
The Sahuagin were eventually killed and sank slowly to the bottom of pool. Mark now bored of the situation killed the first harpy and decided to try something new. He charged down the rope bridge at full speed and took a tremendous leap into the air. He struck the last harpy mid flight and brought the creature down with him. The ^ was the last to be defeated under a group effort, allowing the party to move on.

What Goes Around Comes Around
The bridge to the left led to a hallway with a door and a robed statue at each end. Sargeras was the first to advance down the hallway, but after getting halfway there was a sudden commotion and he disappeared leaving a group of angered rats in his place. These rats were quickly disposed of by the remaining adventurers who investigated the floor where Sargerasvanished. Fin found seams along the ground in this area which suggested that the floor had somehow launched Sargerasthrough the wall. Mark wisely tied a rope around Fin’s waist and had him step onto the platform, activating the trap. Attentively he watched as the floor catapulted Fin into the wall which vanished and was replaced by the floor. No sooner had the wall been replaced that the floor followed suit. The new floor brought another wave of unpleased rats which met a similar fate to their earlier siblings. The room was left with only Mark, Grim and a rope leading into the wall. Sure of the system now, Mark attempted to jump across the trap’s activation area but fell short and was launched like the others into the wall.
The victims of the trap found themselves suddenly taking damage and sliding down a steep, smooth surface into a pit where the many hungry jaws of a % waited. Delighted at the advent of its meal, the % began to feast on its prey which continually fell into its grasp. Meanwhile Grim began to understand the mechanics of the trap and triggered it from a safe distance with a heavy piece of broken statue. When the trap triggered he stuck a longer piece of the statue into the opening in an attempt to jam the wall open. The floor met the wedge with such force that it broke off, producing nothing but a new group of rats. This group easily closed the distance to their prey and overran Grim, deeply wounding him. After killing off the rats and repeating his experiment with the same result, Grim moved down a winding hallway in search of another way to enter the trap. Back in the pit Sargeras, Finand Markhad killed the % but were finding difficulty in escaping their stony prison. Taking the thick vegetation he found at the end of the hallway as an unlikely solution to his problem, Grimheaded back to the trap to activate it again. By the time he did, Markhad climbed to the top of the slope using improvised climbing tools and suddenly found himself launched into a dark room while Grimdealt with his latest rat swarm. Mortally wounded now, the jaded Grimactivated the trap one more time. To his dismay more rats were produced but thankfully these were accompanied by Mark.
The trap worked as a segmented waterwheel-like contraption, designed to trap careless adventurers in the terrible jaws of death waiting below. With this knowledge Markand Grimwere able to set Sargerasand Finfree. With their escape the group took a less than peaceful rest through the night.

Pyramid Day VII

We traveled back to the encampment where we once again set up for rest. We awoke the next day and began asking around for any last knowledge before we continued deeper into the pyramid. Vren had no answers for us but did lead us to a passage way form behind the encampment. He told us he used it for travel in the pyramid but was fearful of the area. As we where eager adventures we entered into the chamber and began hearing what was identified by Grim, as chants to Bahumat, Moradin, and Kord. He spoke to the statues and they told him we must free the maiden. Somewhat confused we explored the area and came across a chapel. We entered with caution and found a maiden praying at an alter. We asked her who she was and why she was there and replied, saying she was trapped here by two devils which appear at the door when you try to leave. We then discovered that this was true and found ourselves in combat once again. We attempted blow after blow giving the devils all we had but it was no use. They where strong. We lead them into the chapel and found they where not as strong when separated. We struck hard and defeated each with one blow, as if once we penetrated the magic they just faded away in existence. The maiden then darted out of the room and vanished in the darkness. We searched the room and discovered a secret switch behind the alter. A false wall opened up and inside lay a chest, which Finn without hesitation opened in a blink of an eye. Inside lay enchanted cloth armor and the remains of a body. All of a sudden the Head of Verelis spoke out and said, “Grab that, it is a fragment of my former self.” Greatly pleased with the situation Vren met with us and as a departing gift granted Mark his prized armor, which Grim transferred its magical enchantments over to Mark’s own, leaving Vren with the mundain Chain-mail. The Deva then reached out and lifted the cloth from the chest. He wore it instead of his own feeling pleased with his new wears. We set up camp for one last time, wanting to be well rested before we tackle what else the pyramid has in store.

Pyramid Day VI

Once again looking for danger we continued exploring the pyramid. We found ourselves in an underground clearing with a river flowing through it. Sparkling magic energy lined the walls and the room was dimly lit. All moved out with caution except Mark, who was the first to be confronted.

The House Thuranni had discovered Mikal’s true heritage and where sent to end his rise to power. Bad Company fought valiantly but after being overrun Mikal was killed and whisked off by the assassins. We tried to rescue him but before we could reach him it was to late. After finishing what was left of the Dragonborn we regrouped make sense of the situation. We later found that our opponents were a team of highly trained assassins sent out to kill Mikal to stop his rise to the thrown.

Without a leader and on our own, we were still determined to finish what we had started. Pressing onward, we came across a disposal room used to store dead bodies. After passing by an inconspicuous door it burst open and we were overrun by a swarm of rats. Mark tried desperately to kill them off, but there were too many. Eventually the rats dealt too much damage for Grim and Finn to handle so they backed up from the swarm to re-enter the fray. Once the rats were gone we began to search the room.

In the darkest corner Mark found something, or in a since someone quite peculiar. A Deva, a fallen angle, lay motionless, as if in a state of resting and then at one he awoke. The Deva came forth from the corner and greeted us, " I’m Sargeras Artificer of House Cannith, I have come to help you on your quest to rid the Nentir Vale of evil. "

Pyramid Day V

Having survived the night we pressed north passed the only door which remained closed. This door led to a maze like room composed of thick vegetation with vines hanging from the ceiling. We sent Finn first to scout the area and he turned out to be a master rouge. Eager to try new things, Colossus followed his lead and began to sneak up behind a Quickling. This went well until he chose to make an attempt at silently killing his target. Upon his back swing when he was about to strike, he experienced a rather embarrassing event of flatulent nature. He tried to redeem himself before his discovery but instead tripped and dropped his axe. Determined to recover what was left of his dignity he put his hand over the Quickling’s mouth before it could sound the alarm. Observing this from a distance, Vren shit his pants and made a speedy exit out of the room and headed back to his encampment.

Colossus’ grasp didn’t last long and his prey quickly escaped and ran off into the vines. Mark went charging after it and pinned it down. With it’s luck run out Colossus and Mark made short work of the unfortunate Quickling and spread out to deal with other parts of the room.

Mikal used the head of verellis to turn invisible and teleport behind the enemy. Finn took his chance and lept out of the shadows to slay the nearest target. Grim summoned a flaming hailstorm, setting ablaze his group in the opposite corner and quickly met resistance. Mikal made use of his invisibility to heal the dwarf who had taken considerable damage. The fighters then moved in to finish off the survivors and won the day for Bad Company.

Pyramid Day IV

In order to avoid pursuit Colossus we retreated back to the encampment. The night went well however and we were able to rest peacefully.

The next day we ventured back to the pit and continued east, deeper into the tree peoples lair. We entered an clearing where a humanoid was deep in prayer at his alter. Along side him there was a medium sized bear and large plant like beast. In the center of the room stood four tall pillars about 5 feet in diameter. Mark was first out and charged straight into the room to the giant beast. He struck hard with his axe of flame and pinned him against the altar. The rest of the party now with a clear path began to move up and take the field.

What seemed like a short easy encounter was quickly over turned however. All of a sudden the pillars burst out in spores which enveloped us all. Catching us off guard we became dazed and injected with their lethal toxins. Shrugging off their venom we pressed on. The room ignited into flame as Grim decided to take out his wrath upon the area spearing no one his anger. Out from the cover of his bush, which was now on fire, the bear came charging after us eager as well to get revenge. Colossus and Mark focused on the plant like creature while Mikal and Vren began beating on the Bear and the Speaker, leaving Grim in the middle dealing with what he could. At last the plant shrieked in agony and wilted to the floor while their skidish allies decided it was time to go, and ran out of the room.

From behind the alter came cries from a small halfling chained up against it. Vren freed him with a swing of his sword and in return he presented us with a magic shield he stole, which just so happened to be the cause of all his grief. We decided to join sides as we all needed a new ally. We searched the room to discover a small room off to the side, where we shacked up and spent the night, hoping to survive till the next day.

Pyramid Day III

As we continued our exploration of the pyramid our new Friend Vren pointed us in the direction in the labyrinths of the tree people. Unlike our previous quest however our new friends decided not to come with us and Grimstayed behind in an act to learn our new raise the dead ritual, we hopefully will never have to use. Shortly after entering the labyrinth we were jumped upon, lucky for us our Warforged’s Axe proved invaluable as it is bathed in flame, and took advantage of the vulnerability to fire. We made short work of them however and after a quick break we where off heading south where we encountered a dig site.

With just Three adventurers this encounter look some effort to survive but, at last we prevailed. In an effort for our Goliath friend to finish his kill upon his fleeing enemy he alerted the area to our presence. Now out of powers and our last reserves we await to see what else the pyramid as in store.

Pyramid Day II

We awoke the next day well rested and ready to go. We traveled north-east and down a flight of stairs to find a flooded room with a tunneled system of underwater currents. Here we encountered some mildly difficult enemies but overcame them very easily without expending much energy. The head then began to mumble and told us to take a gem from a statue in the area. Unable to Thieve it out, we had Colossus break the whole head off, and stored it in our bag of holding. We then continued north and came across a locked door.

Colossus broke open the lock with ease and inside we encountered a group of bandits. Quick to avoid conflict Mikal took the floor. We convinced their leader, Vren, to join up with us in order to escape the pyramid. He also agreed to let us use his encampment as a base of operations, knowing he could use our help defending it if need be.

Soon after we where asking about the layout of the area and decided to raid the library. We came across some quite difficult enemies here but with Vren and his archer at our side we prevailed once again. We searched the Library to find another statue but this time without a gem. This caused our head to become quite unhappy. We then decided to take the books from the shelves hoping to sell them later when we get back home. We took a quick rest and journeyed back to the encampment to take our rest for the new day.

Pyramid Day I

We found ourselves exhauseted as we where at the bottom of a 10 foot pit. The smell of rotting flesh arround us. We looked down to find bodies of dead adventures beneath our feet, and then above us, a two headed horror affiliated on the Goliath’s head. He was the first to go. The two headed head reaver pulled him out and began carring him off to place his head upon his wall.Mark, eager to prove himself as a defender jumped out of the pit to save his new friend. After a few minutes and much blood shed, we prevailed and managed to save the Goliath.

Now that the battle was over we where able to take our rest, this time before investigating our surroundings. We found a small room off to the side with heads decorating the walls. It was here Mikal found the Head of Verellis in a small bag. The head took well to him and dicided to help us excape the pyramid.

Now completly waisted and burnt out we set up camp in the room. Our Warforged watched our backs throughout the night, thankfully encountering no foes.

First look at the Pyramid...

We began our journey through the thick jungle forests of the Nentir Vale, in search of what came to Grimerious in a vision. We where to find the place of power, where glory and riches could be obtained. As new adventures in the world looking for both of these, we went eager looking to rise to the top. We came across an ambush which we made short work of and where presented a pyramid. Nieve as we where we left to investigate it before resting and where swallowed into a shroud of darkness, unprepared and exhausted.


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