Bad Company

Bad company3 Formed by Mikal Gorbachev and sponsored by the university of half elves, the company includes Goliath, Grimerious, a Warforged, and now Fin.

Goliath of the Fey influenced lands has sensed a disturbance in the fey/world balance. As the land has become agitated, some adventures heed the call and venture into the underdark motivated by the need to re-balance the natural lands of the world. Colossus is one of them.

Grimerious inspired by Moradin has been sent out as an advanced guard to investigate the new influence on the world. Artifacts of cunning manufacture are showing up that are not of dwarven origin. Moradin has put forward his craftiest champion to help unravel this mystery.

A single lone Warforged who has ventured out to the Nentir Vale has received word of the disturbance. Determined to make a fresh start he dedicates himself to victory in this cause.

Half-Elf scholars discovered new evidence related to the disturbance. When others would speculate Mikal chooses to make the difference.

An enslaved halfling, suffering the effects of far realm experimentation, faces his plight with courage, laughter, and a willingness to “backstab” as the occasion merits.

Can this motley crew function as a team? Will they change the world or be changed by it? Is it payback or divine justice? Only the Bad Company can decide.

The Slave Trade

In Thunderspire, the Bloodweaver gang of Orcs captured citizens of Winterhaven to sell to the Duerger. Lord Paldrig turned to the heroes that re-sealed the Shadowfell portal and asked them to rescue his people. The team was (Paul Mitchel, Bloodbane, Lam, Victor). No one knows what happened to these characters. Rumor has it that they were captured and be-headed. Others believe they have gone to a far corner of the old empire to stop the Opotsnee. On the other hand, perhaps they have joined forces and want to change their society from within. Is this all part of the battle between Bahumat and Tiamat or is this something new that will change the face of Nentir Vale forever!

Father Jim pulled into the Shadowfell portal in Winterhaven. Has he been murdered in a sacrificial rite or is he going to come back as an undead servant of Orcus. Can he be saved or is it too late?

Bad Company

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