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A Disturbance Among Us

Is there anything beyond the Dawnforge Mountains or the Stonemarch or is this all there is? Surely, you know there is more to the world then we know. The eastern stalk and the wall to the west with no beginning and no end? Do these structures have a purpose or are they just the stuff of children’s fables.

The half-elf university discovered a underground temple of Tiamat built by a previously unknown race suggesting a new powerful alliance in the multiverse. They have issued warning and an invitation to adventuring parties worthy of the challenge. Under the leadership of Mikal Gorbachev, Bad Company was formed. The team departed from the small outpost Kingdom of Winterhaven and there has been no hearings of the party since.

New Beginnings

Bad Company’s first order of business is the investigate a dwarf’s vision of a place of power deep in Winterbole forest. The Winterbole is on the northern edge of the Nentir Vale (see maps, Nentir Vale, scroll down and “view original image”). A wanted criminal, Gharash Vren and his gang, among many others have disappeared over the years in this very spot. Right thinking people know to avoid the depths of the Winterbole, yet Bad Company ventured into the wood looking for trouble anyway. Have they lost their minds or will they lose their heads?

Main Page

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